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Live Event

Stream Solution is a provider specialized in the distribution of high connectivity and content in the streaming of live events of great significance. It is possible to trasmit live events with Windows Media, Shoutcast and Flash Media Server technologies with the standard H.264/AAC . From small conventions to the crowedconcerts we can impact not only in terms of size, speed and stability of our networks, but also thanks to our team of experts that will help you choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Many TV and radio rely on us to broadcast live events such as football matches, concerts, events, but also video conference and conference calls through our streaming channels. Events can be free or you may choose our system Pay Per View that can be used on an ordinary PC that with popular mobile devices.


You can choose between the different technologies available:

Windows Media

Windows Media is the ideal solution to distribute multimedia content on the Internet. Listeners can access to your stream through Windows Media Player software, currently available on all Microsoft operating systems at no additional cost. Windows Media offers the best solution between quality and speed of transmission also reaching surfers from protected networks.


SHOUTcast is a powerful and stable streaming technology that allows broadcasters to transmit online. Listeners can connect to your MP3 o AAC+ streaming software such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer and many others. SHOUTcast is suitable for mobile technologies and allows you to listen without having to install any applications on smartphones such as: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android e Blackberry.

Flash Media Server

Flash Media Server has been developed to distribute multimedia content and has quickly become the standard for rich media on the Internet. This technology has allowed TV broadcasters and video producers to easily increase the number of its viewers. Flash Media Server offers online broadcasters to stream a rich platform with unmatched flexibility and deliver a superior HD video quality, both on-demand and live streaming.

Companies using the streaming to expand their business:

  • Web Tv and Video Broadcaster
  • Radio broadcaster that want to show speakers on air
  • Companies that work video conference
  • Corporations, associations and companies that transmit live events online
  • Sites and portals that diffuse audio content on demand