We offer different streaming services as live broadcast for single events, such as shows, concerts or football matches, and on demand transmission available in podcasting through websites. Stream Solution offers a range of services for Internet Radio and TV that want to be guided during the start-up process that will lead to the broadcast on the web. In particular Stream Solution can provide integrated software solutions such as the system of directed radio, audio processor, and also solutions to increase the visibility of radio and television on Internet with the creation of websites and advertising campaigns on major search engines.

High connectivity solutions

Pay Per View System

The Pay-Per View is based on the value added of our CMS that combines both the functionality of an eCommerce site that those of a Video Portal, allowing the sale of content in real time through the most popular payment systems.

Auto Deejay

With our auto Deejay create a playlist of tracks / spots is really simple. The program can be cyclical or variable according to your needs, you can do everything without buying a scheduling software. If you need a more advanced system we can provide it on request.


The transcoder performs re-encoding in real time a stream aufio from one format to another. This allows broadcasters to send only one stream and this stream to the transcoder that will convert the source and transmit it to the desired bit rate to different servers.

Ponti Radio

The territorial limits are No Longer insurmountable, in fact, with our one to one geographical area can be Reached with traditional radio Were not collages. Find out how your station can expand the ITS user base with our technology.

Encoding Software

CasterX captures the audio from your sound card, microphone, line in and sends it to your listeners, all in real time. In a few clicks of CasterX you reach your online audience.

Statistiche Real Time

The detailed statistics report allows connected users to view each day, their origin and the connections peak. The charts by hour, week, month and day are essential to study the performance of the issuer and on which to base marketing strategies.

Gold Assistance

The Gold Assistance is a special technical support for professionals webcaster that Stream Solution offer to its customers during the selection phase of the right plan and after the streaming activation.