Gold Support

Stream Solution provides technical support to its customers during the selection phase of the right plan and after the activation streaming for any question or problem.

The Gold Technical Support is dedicated to professional webcaster who need help during the selection phase of the streaming plan that best suits to their needs and also after the activation for any questions, support during the use of different systems, or any technical problem of transmission.


  • Priority technical support by telephone, email and remote desktop
  • Use of servers located in Europe/USA to performe the management of your station
  • Use of servers with port 80 to bypass corporates firewalls
  • Use of multiple publishing points to provide redundancy to your transmission at no extra charge
  • No band limits. Users can exceed the limit and you will be informed by giving you the opportunity to upgrade the service
  • Real-time statistics and historical insight into the audience to its issuer
  • Continuous monitoring of the service to be notified promptly in case of malfunction of the encoder, or silence detection limit overruns
  • Ability to vary the bit rate of transmission to increase or decrease independently the number of concurrent users

Why to choose us?

Our expertise is at your disposal, make the right moves! In addition to stream hosting services, Stream Solution offers a wide range of services for Internet stations who wish to be guided in the process that will lead them to broadcast on the web. Stream Solution can provide integrated software solutions such as the system for radio automation, audio processor, and also solutions to increase the visibility of radio and television on Internet with the creation of websites and advertising campaigns on major search engines.