Real Time Statistics

Stream Solution is one of the few providers that provide access to the logs of audience for their services through a simple and intuitive online interface.

The log data is generated directly from the audience by streaming server to ensure maximum accuracy in the reports.

The reports are a great marketing tool to attract new advertisers to advertise on their station.


Why listening data are useful?

Today there is a constant need to know the tastes of the audience and know their tendencies and affinities. The report meets the needs of all broadcasters by providing a margin of profit in the knowledge of their audience, allowing them to know right away whether a transmission is successful or not. Thereal time report serviceis available for Shoutcast, Flash Media e Windows Media technologies.

What can I see in the graphical statistics ?

The report detailed statistics allows connected users to view each day, their origin and time of peak connections. The charts by hour, week, month and day are essential to study the performance of the issuer and on which to base their marketing strategies. The reports are used to track various information, including:
  • User IP Address
  • Connection date time
  • Connection lenght
  • User origin
  • Highest peaks of concurrent users in the selected period
  • Highest peaks of concurrent users in the month selected