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Stream Solution has the ideal technology for FM radio and on the web. You can broadcast more channels with a single account or send a high quality stream only in live or on demand and let the transcoding transform your audio in several formats. You can get a feel not only computers but also on mobile devices.
You can choose between different modes:

Live streaming Live streaming audio can provide its users with non-stop. Just choose the desired bit rate and the maximum number of concurrent users and is on the air in minutes. The live stream is suitable for both broadcaster and for companies that want to broadcast their own programs.

Available technologies:
Windows Media Shoutcast Flash Media Buy

On Demand Streaming With your On Demand streaming you will provide events recorded at the request of users at any time. The issuer is assigned a disk space to store their content and a predefined amount of bandwidth, which can be varied as needed. This type of streaming is perfect for those who want to distribute audio files by podcast on their websites.

Available technologies:
Windows Media Flash Media Buy

Live Event Streaming With streaming live events to the required bandwidth is guaranteed for the duration of a live event, for a maximum of 24 hours per event. Live events allow you to have a very high number of concurrent users making it possible to transmit online sports events, football matches, concerts or conference calls.

Available technologies:
Windows Media Shoutcast Flash Media Buy

Mobile Streaming With streaming Mobile you can send your audio content to all mobile devices, thus reaching a large number of users. This means that systems iPhone, Blackberry e Android will be a good vehicle to reach new contacts.
It is a good time to unleash the power of streaming media.

Available technologies:
Shoutcast Buy

Companies using the streaming to expand their business:

  • Radio broadcaster in FM and online
  • Shopping centers, in-store shops, pubs, discos, beaches
  • Companies making telephone conference
  • Organizations and Associations
  • Sites and portals that diffuse audio content on demand